Before you Flame Me

first off i will not respond or recognize anyone sendimg me flames.

Mac users - if you think i am abandoning the mac you are wrong. i keep my TiBook 500 as up to date as the next guy.

Windows users - if you think i have finaly 'seen the light' you are wrong. i have used windows to great extent in my past jobs, and have 'accepted' the Windows OS.

i come from an artistic background, and understand the difference between constructive critisism and just plain critisism. if you do not use contructive critisism that i do not wish to hear from you.

"veriety is the spice of life," "the best of both worlds" those are some good cliches are they not? i have a very portable powerhouse in my TiBook 500, and now i have a powerful desktop powerhouse in my 3 Ghz P4 rig.

when i told my mac-loving friends i was getting a PC their responses were very colorful to say the least. i figured id get flak, some persecution, etc. etc. to going to the "Dark Side." it just showes how neive and blind some people are, almost afraid of some forign OS. you might call it blind faith. but for me personally, i am fine working on Mac OS, Windows, and many flavors of Linux. my first taste of the command line was on a Mac 9500 Workgroup Server, it was called A/UX. now i prefer the Mac OS, i have never owned a PC before, but i wanted the best of both worlds.

im not going to make apologies or exuses. i got a pc because i wanted one. its something different, a challenge if you will.

oh and please do not email me about my grammorical or spelling deficiencies, i know i have them. after all, i am going to school for art and not english. grammer and spelling are surely not my strong suits. and considering this blog software does not have any server side spell checking, im not gonna worry about spelling something wrong. thats what spelling and grammer in Word are for :p

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