Dreamweaver MX

I plan to update this as i find new differences between Dreamweaver for the Mac OS and Windows. i have never used Dreamweaver on Windows. Like FileMaker Pro and Photoshop, Dreamweaver is a program i spend a lot of my time in.

the addition of HomeSite features to Dreamweaver MX (DWMX) like the auto tag completion features was one of the best parts to the upgrade to MX. i have always liked the HomeSite/ColdFusion UI. and the auto tag completion addition to DWMX is great. so why am i bringing this up if it is in both the Mac and Windows versions of DWMX. well with the auto tag completion, the Windows version of DWMX got what Macromedia (MM) calls "HomeSite/Coder-Style" the Mac version does not have this, and it is a shame. The "Coder-Style" puts all your pallets on the left side instead of the right (big deal) it also gives DWMX a SINGLE document window with small tabs at the bottom representing the open documents. holy cow talk about productive! this is a much nicer UI to work with. the Mac OS might not have this option because of its use of the Multiple Document Interface (MDI) model. MM could have still added a tabbed UI for the open documents, they have a tabbed UI for the Insert pallete.

More things i figure out when i figure them out (good or bad) pertaining to the Windows version of DW.

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