Entourage X vs. Outlook XP

here we go. head to head Entourage for OS X and Outlook for XP. i am in a bit of shock that a thing that is so basic to an email app is handled so differently in both of these MS apps. i think this shows the differences between the MacBU and the MS Office development teams very well (or not very well, as the case may be).

in Entourage when you start to type a name in the TO field you get an auto-complete selection box - after you type only one letter, typing more narrows your selection. in Outlook XP you need to not only type 3 letters before you get an auto-complete box, but you have to have used the name in a TO (CC, BCC etc.) field ONCE before it will "remember" it for you, and display the names when you start typing a contact's name. so the first time you type in any of the names in your contact list you have to type it in, and then click the Check Names button. there, now it is "cached" in Outlook, and the NEXT time you send an email to that person, their name will auto-complete for you once you have typed at least the first 3 letters. see this MS article. take note that it states "previously typed e-mail address." it also apears this is a new feature in Outlook XP. this has been a feature since the first version of Entourage in Office 2001 on the mac, and has been the way it has been handled since the first version of Outlook Express on the mac.

i just think this is a very poorly way of implimenting the auto-complete feature.

in Entourage it is very strait forward how you schedule a task. not a task you need to complete, a task you want Entourage to complete. like say deleting your Deleted Items folder when you quit, or deleting the contents of your SPAM folder when you quit, or deleting any mail older than 7 days in your Deleted Items folder so you still have a trash trail at leaste 7 days old if you need something that you pitched.

as far as i can tell, this type of scheduling of things is not possable in Outlook XP. i have not yet looked too hard at this, but at surface level, this is not an obvios thing to do. it is annoying to manually have to delete the trash and spam folders, there has got to be a way to automate this.

Entourage X hands down has the usability thing in check, more so that Oulook XP does. this makes Entourage a much easy way to manage email.

now, beyond the odd way of handeling auto-complete, and the fact that i have yet to figure out automating tasks in Outlook XP, i like the interface. it is not as simple and clean as Entourage, but it setup well.

i just wish the MS software development teams would put "simplistic" and "ease of use" into their software design.

since i am primarily (did i say that) working on my PC, i am also doing email on my PC. so i have gotta figure out this automation problem in Outlook.

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