Every story has a beginning...

"Are you sure about this? trusting our fate to an operating system we hardly know" he he, ok im done with the star wars humor. i wrote this before i got my pc. i got it on 1/21.

i have and will get roasted for getting a pc by my mac loving friends and family. but in all honesty i think it is rather ignorant to not work with both operating systems.

i have never had a pc and i cannot wait. my current work hourse is an original Titanium PowerBook G4.

so i have been thinking of getting a pc for some time now. i spent about 2 months researching prices and brands. in the end i chose Alienware for both their cool factor (something that is very much lost in the Windows world) and for their prices. so i got an "Area 51" system. here are the specs:

- PentiumÔø‡ 4 Processor 3.06GHz 533MHz FSB w/512KB Cache w/HT
- 1GB RDRAM PC-1066
- Promise Ultra100TX2 IDE Controller
- 120GB Western Digital UltraATA 7200RPM 8MB Cache
- Pioneer DVD-RW A05
- Lite On 48x12x48x CD-RW
- HerculesÔø‡ 3D Prophet 9700 Pro 128MB AGP Dual Monitor
- Sound BlasterÔø‡ Audigy 2
- Iomega Internal 250MB Zip Drive - IDE
- MicrosoftÔø‡ WindowsÔø‡ XP Professional
- Aliencare Toll-Free 3-Year 24/7 ONSITE Warranty

i got 2 promotions too, free shipping and a the CD-RW was free as well. at first i was not gonna get the DVD-RW but then i said what the hell. i got a heck of a deal, this rig would cost 5k from any other vendor, as much as a maxed out G4. and thats one reason i got a pc (the price), as i did not want to put 6k into a G4 and a monitor.

i looked at every good monitor manufacturer i could find. i ended up getting a Sony FD Trinitron 21" CRT, its a G520P and good lord is a purrdy. its 20" viewable and text is very readable at 1600x1200.

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I am soooooooooooooooo happy you got a PC....
MAC's are the work of the devil :)


I think you have that backwards....but then again its not the hardware that makes the machine evil...its the OS.....its just like religion and thinking theres good and evil, its just poorly written Philosophical code

Just like Microsoft



No one is going to buy that for more then $1000, why? It's already outdated, the new anthlon is coming out and building your own updated system would cost you less then $1700. My offer is $1000 American, Take it or leave it.

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