It was broke when i got it :(

i originally wrote this on 1/21.

Well boy o boy am i exited. have not been this exited about a new tech toy since i got my TiBook 2 years ago. Alienware sure has good packaging. i had it delivered to the university (were i work) and could not wait till i got home so i unpacked it at work.

kick ass - it comes with 2 games. soldier of fortune 2 and hitman 2, both killer (no pun intended) games. i thought the 3d profit would come with marrowind, but its an OEM so it didnt. ill have to go pickup marrowind and tribunal since i have played marrowind to death on the xbox i want to see what tribunal is like.

two things are not working correctly, and i called Alienware tech. support about it. first of the Intel PRO/100 NIC was not being recognized. the onboard NIC was though. i would have imagined they would turn off the onboard NIC in the bios, but they did not. the other problem that audio was skipping a lot, both in video games and also just playing cds and dvds.

it simply was not recognizing the Intel PRO/100 S NIC, even after reinstalling the drivers for it.

the tech had me take the Intel NIC and audigy 2 out and swap them around. that did the trick. the NIC is now working, so i disabled the onboard one in the bios. the Alienware tech. thought i should just leave it enabled, but in a day or so i grow tired of the icon that dont need to be in the system tray telling me "a network cable is disconnected" no shit sherlock.

also now the audio does not skip, or pop. most all the alert sounds would pop. the startup/shutdown chime for windows was the musical equivelent to someone scraping their fingernails on the chaukboard.

my question here is why? why do i have to open the box up and fiddle with these PCI cards. this is not the greatest of first impressions a mac person can have when first dealing with his very own pc. the audigy 2 and the NIC should just work "out of the box." i talked to some (pc) friends of mine on a couple boards i frequent and they thought the same.

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Yeah, its not so much that its a PC, but a Windows box.
XP, as nice as it is, is still a product managed by Microsoft.
My firewire suddenly died, and only a total reinstall of XP fixed it.
And the machine still won't reboot properly...but that is probably the power supply.

My question is why isn't the onboard LAN good enough? ;-)


The problem is the Audigy (I had lots of hard crashes with an audigy in my Dual Athlon) not with the Intel NIC.

Next time get a Terratec sound card ( ) ;)

If you want a completely stable windows box, windows2000 is the way to go, even if XP has lots of small improvements.

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