"Sometimes the keys on your keyboard just aren't in the right place." Yes this is true, the Alt key and the Ctrl key are in the wrong spot on the PC keyboard. the Ctrl key should be right next to the spacebar. This is because i am a Mac user, and the Command (Open Apple) key is right next to the spacebar. and leave it to Apple to come up with a non standard way of using modifier keys. even SGI (and other *nix) keyboards have the Ctrl key on the outside. well im used to it on the inside, and my pinky is not trained to rest on the Ctrl, it rests on the Shift key. on the Mac the Ctrl key brights up the "right click menu" wich is useless to me since it has been many years since i have used a Mac with only one mouse button, my average is five. my buddy Jim suggested this little gem, TradeKeys, to remap my keyboard layout. that quote i started this post off with is from TradeKeys discription, and it does a nice job.

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