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this site is not a site to bash Windows or Mac or Linux. there will be no 'this one is better' pros found here. i am a mac person so i come to understand the mac way of doing things better. so i am more inclined to think it is easier to begin with. and so i have a bias toward the Mac and most probably always will. of course, i have been working with the Mac OS since i was a kid, and i have never gotten into workings of the Windows OS - i have never used it on a day to day business for work or play

This site was created to be a journal of my experiences with my first PC. first impressions are the most important ones right? i am sure i will be drawing a lot of comparisons to and from Mac OS 9, Mac OS X, Windows 95/98/Me/2K/XP and Unix/Linux. i will not be doing anything else on this site unless i have the time :)

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