Windows XP GUI

I plan to update this as i find new GUI elements in Windows XP that i like and do not like

the document buttons on the task bar - i like the fact that if you click them it toggles between showing and hiding the document. this might have been a feature of previos versions of Windows, but this is the first version i have really put to use

groups of documents on the task bar - very cool new feature in XP, no more 10 zillion tiny icons when i have a ton of Word documents open. very nice. it even tells ya how many are open in the group. the right click menu for the group is also got the commands you would want.

save and save as dialoge boxes - if you want to overwrite a file, all you have to do is click its name, and the file name changes. then you just confirm that you want to overwrite the existing file. this is something that i was hoping Mac OS X would include. on the Mac OS you have to type the name of the file, then confirm that you want to overwrite it. a mouse click is a lot better then retyping_a_really_friggin_long_hard_to_spell_file_name.doc. this is one of my favorite UI features of Windows.

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