$40 for a FTP Client?

At what point does an FTP client require a $40 price tag, or a $10 upgrade fee? WS_FTP and WS_FTP Pro aparently. its a FTP client for crying out loud! it transfers files from point a to point b, that is all it does. IPSWITCH's customers must be blind to pony up $10 just for an upgrade.

FileZilla, on the other hand, is free. it has a very nice UI, lets you save bookmarks to servers. what else does a FTP client need to do? your laundry?

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what u expect. linux is free, winblows isnt. i can replace 2000.00 boxes with old thrown out software...and still be able to upgrade it to something better as software hardens and progresses over time


what don't you know how to use ftp via your browser? how about via the command prompt.... loser mac_user ;-)

yes i know how to use a CLI, and a web browser - meancode


heya meancode :)

Well, just becuase WS_FTP is $40, doesnt mean that its the only choice out there (thats whats great about the windows world -- you have tons of choices to choose from). For instance, the shareware version is available for free WS_FTP LE. Another one though, which is very good, is SmartFTP, and is free too. There is also BulletProof FTP.

So really, this shouldn't be a Mac/Windows thing. if you want to get angry at someone, get angry at Ipswitch.

yea, i know, i was just ranting :) - meancode

Smart FTP is pretty nice too. Free to educational institutions, but they never nag you, and it's the nicest FTP i've ever used for PC.

I always used WS_FTP LE cuz it was free, but I couldn't get it to open two connections to the same server in two windows, and transfer files ONLY on the FTP. Smart FTP can.

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