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For the last month and a half i have been working on a redesign for the Chapman Community site. I have all the content now and am working on text changes, and adding photos. but it is in its final stages. here is the redesign. there are some issues with NN 4.7 i am getting irritated with, well there are actually a lot of things to get irritated at NN 4.7 with, but my latest is how it renders text with the style of font-size:xx-small on it. it comes out as looking like 5 pt type when in NN 6+ and IE 5+ it looks like 9 pt type. and unfortunatly i have to still take into consideration NN 4.7. it sucks cuz it means there are A LOT of things i have had to do differently in this site that has made the development LONGER. gotta love doing things the hard way. it is so much easier to code for the newer standards complient web browsers. oh well thats life.

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