Growing out of video games?

I'm not sure if I am growing out of video games, but I am sure I am going through a phase were I have no desire to even play them. and I am video game nut. I have subscriptions to and for gaming news, I get 3 video game/pc game magazines, and I have a ton of games. here is the run down: Playstation 2 - keyboard, arcade stick, 12 games Game Cube - wavebird, GBA connector cable, 7 games X Box - type "s" controller, 9 games Game Boy Advance - light shield, 9 color/classic games, 10 advance games PC & Mac - 16 games I just sold a bunch on eBay too. sold 17 PS2 games, 3 CG, and 5 XBox games. man thats insane. and the only thing I have played is the past month and a half is my GBA. and that was just when I got Metroid Fusion just after Christmas, I have only played it once or twice since. I don't know if I am "growing up" or what. I haven't really played games on my new PC. I have been busy, but not THAT busy. I don't know. I always seem to make time for video games, and I am not doing that any more. its just really weird! I don't know what to think of it. I guess if a month or two goes by I think ill think about getting rid of them, idunno.

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