I work with SLOW computers

I gotta say that having this new P4 rig has one down side. it not only lets me know how slow my own 500 Mhz TiBook is, but how slow the computers at work are. and i have to service and support these slow bastards at work. The BG News uses PM 7300/200's and first gen desktop G3's to layout the paper, production uses 4th and 5th gen iMacs, the other publications use 3rd gen imacs. man this sucks! these computers are so slow now that i got my new computer! im getting tired of SCSI based perifirals(sp?) too! whaa whaa whaa. ok so not every computer can be a G4 with USB or FireWire perifirals, not at the price of Apple hardware. so i understand why we have older hardware, it just is getting to be more of a chore to make them work.


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