Its all a learning experience (Updated)

UPDATED - 02-21-03 To say that the design of this site is a work in progress is an understatement. i have been quite happy in my little shell of designing sites with TABLE tags. and have never really looked at CSS-P for designing sites. not that i have really haad time to anyway, but i never put much thought into it. well then came along this kick arse CMS, or "personal publishing system" as the people who make Movable Type call it. all the default templates are done with CSS, not TABLES. well what better way to learn then with someothing you are not getting paid to do right? well im having fun, i have only worked with this for a week or so and i am getting the grasp of it. its still a bit strange not using tables. but ill get used to it. anyway i got some help from a kind soul at the MT board and he showed me what i was doing wrong with my templates. so using his pages as a guide, i decided the best thing to do was recode the templates, yep that was fun. well i learned some stuff. i got rid of a stupid loading problem in Windows IE where the page would load then only display the first half - really annoying. it does not seem to do that any more. also with the new code it loads a lot faster, its more efficient, less filling, all that good stuff. i have implimented 4 accesskeys. Access keys allow for keyboard navigation to key functions or pages of this web site. Most modern browsers support this capability. If you're using Windows, you can press ALT + an access key; for Mac OS, you can press Control + an access key. they are as follows: # Home Page # Archives Index # Contact Me (mailto) # brings focus to the search box
Its so great how things work well in NN / Moz / IE for the Mac, then you look at it on IE for Windows and things are all over the place, not where they should be. such is the limitation to non standards complient browsers (IE - for Mac and Windows). the two color top navigation bar looks great in Mozilla and Phoenix, and Mozilla and Chimera. it even works correctly in Safari on OS X. Here is Internet Exploder and here is Phoenix. I am going to assume more people are viewing this site in IE than a Moz flavor, ill take the fancy blue line div tag out :( thats they way it works with M$ software. i also have to find out why the Search box is ALL the way to the right. fun fun fun!

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