Leo Laporte's 2003 Technology Almanac

I love TechTV and The Screen Savers is a great show for all levels of geekyness. What is even better is that Woz is a guest host from time to time. I was at my Dad's house and saw Leo Laporte's 2003 Technology Almanac sitting next to The Throne (tm) and so I started to read a few pages. Got hooked and so went out and bought it. I love byte sized stuff to read. There is a page for each day there is a main "Focus" for each day. Birthdays and other big things to note for the day fills forth of the page. then there is a Tip of the Day and Download of the Day and the rest is other info such as myths and truths to xyz or lists of top 10s and such. There are also Polls here and there. The book just has a lot of nifty technology tidbits in it. its a quick read every day, something new to read the next day. the index also is very extensive for finding "Palm" for example and it lists all the days that have anything related to a Palm. There are a lot of URLs to check out. its a great book, well worth the money IMO. For example did you know today is Steve Jobs's birthday? the book lists a Smithsonian interview that is pretty lengthy on content and material. I pretty much learn something new every day, its great!

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TSS Rocks!!!!

I also I have to say I love the almanac, I preety much learn something new every day :)

yes, so do I - meancode

Your are not the only one.

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