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There are a number of skins for XP (well Windows in general) that turn the Windows UI into looking and feeling like OS X. this is WRONG! these hacks of the Aqua GUI for the most part look horrible. i have tryed most of them, and they are really bad looking. if you are going to imitate, at least do justice to the original. i have a copy of Stardock's suite of tools, maybe in my free time (read never) ill make an OS X skin for XP that actually LOOKS like OS X. then i would prolly get a phone call from Apple Legal Dept.

on this same subject about turning Windows into looking like OS X, i just want to ask why. Why turn Luna into Aqua? now if Windows had a Column view i dont think it would be so bad. but it does not. also the OS X toolbar acts in very different ways. sadly, you cannot customize the toolbar of Windows (as much) as you can in OS X.

but then imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and everyone wants to have a Dock. thats fine with me, just dont put OS X elements in Windows, it messes with your head, especially if you use both OS's daily. you want Windows to work like the Mac after a while because your Windows box LOOKS like a Mac. this comes from experience, i ended up taking the Aqua derived themes off of my Windows box because i was getting frustrated that it wouldn't act like my Mac :)

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Take a look at The Real Duckie and Iceman's customizations. They look great. I used Jaguar for about half a year, and now I'm stuck back into Windows XP. Since I did the Iceman's Aqua customization, I just can't get back to Luna. It's so damn ugly. It does bother that the toolbar doesn't inherit the programs' menus (like the KDE Mac OS style does), and that the windows minimize to the toolbar and not to a translucid centralized dock (again, something you can have in KDE - and which I use, naturally). But after a while you just can't look at those blue thick bloated windows frames of the Luna theme. I've used the Aqua theme for a while, and now I'm on the brushed theme, it seems to dress Windows XP better. The only decent theme I've found outside the Apple world is the KDE keramic style, which, by the most part, is a succesful attempt to apply Aqua's ideas.

I agree a 100% with the other Ricardo. The skins that are offered on the web are awful. if the desktop image is amazing, the tool bars are horrible. Or worse than that, if the tool bar is amazing, the start menu is the worst thing in the world. Why don`t do something really great related to the os x skins for windows?

Anthony Ricardo:

With the other Ricardos before me, I can't agree more...I use both OS, and they are so different on many ways. I'd change my Luna to Aqua and vice versa, just for the fun of it. I've tried many skinning softwares and made my friends gape in awe, but in the end, Luna is Luna as Aqua is Aqua... :-P

None of you have tried my site or looked hard enough then.

I merely use Stardock and then Xero's suite of skins (Aqua, Cappucino, Brushed Panther) as I see fit. At the moment, that plus a homemade set of icons and an IconX theme allow me to simulate Aqua _perfectly_ on my XP Corporate machine.

Copy and paste that to see what it looks like. Sorry about it not being clickable; I had to turn on image-blocking a while back due to some offsite linking.


hi dear i want some help i want to change the look my windows xp into mac os if any one know where i can download best theme for converting tell me thx bye


The spelling of the above document is absolutely terrible, how can I take any of that seriously?

Hey there Marcus, you spaz, lets take a look at that date. Feb 2003 is at the VERY beginning of this blog.

First, its a bleeping blog. Second, it was before I really cared about "professional" like writing on this blog. Third, its a blog!


Maybe you should look at things written in 2006, then compare and contrast them in a four page essay, due on my desk in the morning.


Careful Ken. You could end up like Tiger Woods.


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so is there any were to get the windows in windows to actually look like os

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