Main page is done!

I would have added more posts this weekend, but i was busy on the main page design.

I have finally got the main page template the way i like it. i found out there is a MTInclude tag so i have made good use of that for all the static parts of the template. i put title tags on a lot of the links - so mouse over them to see my work! the site is a lot lighter load on a modem now, i am only displaying the last 8 posts on the main page. i added one of those nifty favicons to be "with it" and make the site look cool. i have added a who am i section, wich i will be working on, i plan to put up a .plan file (he he pun fun)

as a side note, even when Dreamweaver is set to NOT rewrite code, it does! i was getting all these crazy errors when recompiling the site, and i was doing everything like the docs say to do. so i ended up doing it all in BBEdit - yea i used my Mac, cuz It Doesn't Suck!

now on to the other templates, they look very much bad right now.

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