Mumblings about PDA's

Public Displays of Affection? Naw, those usually end up with trouble :p i'm talking about the Personal Digital Assistant. I have owned a total of 3 such devices in my life. my first was a 3Com Palm III, which I sold on eBay, second was a Palm Vx which I sold to a friend, and the current model is a Palm m505 (now known as the twice-the-memory-for-the-same-price m515). my buddy Jim got a Tungsten T, ooh nice toy. I played with one at a Staples once. jog wheel, not a fan. hardware buttons are not concave like all (I think) Palms. I am used to the two stylus holes to scroll with and concave buttons to click with stylus. but the collapsible silk button/ graffiti area? yea thats sweet! I still think the Palm OS should have a little software "graffiti area" that moves up and down at the click of a button like WindowsCE (or whatever the latest flavor is called now) Tungsten T has too many things I don't like. my dad got a Toshiba e740. a little pricey and a little bulky I like it better than the Tungsten T. I do not think I would really use the wi-fi, and the integrated pocket word, excel, outlook, exploder, media player. but who knows, that could become one of those things you would start using because you had it and not because you really need it. my buddy Mike got a Toshiba e335 which is a bit thinner, scaled down version of the e740. the e335 might be my next tech toy buy. idunno. the only reason I would consider it is because I now have a PC. there is a sync'ing app for OS X for Pocket PC, but it is no were near nice to use, and the sync software for Pocket PC is really nice IMO. could it replace my m505 tho? well maybe. it does come with a leather sleeve, and it does fit in my jeans pockets though it is not near as conferable as the m505. I'll have to think about this for awhile. I don't really think I need to be carrying around two PDA's. but I am really dreaming. of all the software and games I have installed on my m505, I use the date book, the calendar, the calculator, and a cool app that stores all my passwords. that's it. I can do Word and Excel and play zillions of games on my m505, but I don't use it for that. if I was thinking when I got my m505, and if Palm had the Zire out when I was lookin for a new PDA, I would have gotten it. for what I use my m505 for I could have a $99 Zire and be done with it. if I ever have the need for Word and Excel on the go I will think about the Pocket PC rout and the Toshiba ones sure are the best looking. but until then my m505 is just great for what i do. Look at this I just found a page (on Palms web site, but still) compairing Documents to Go and Pocket Word/Excel. interesting.

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