Rainbow Folders

Holy Toledo Batman! This comes from the should-have-been-part-of-the-operating-system dept. In Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X there is this notion of Labels (well in OS X you need to have a tool to see this color metadata like Path Finder or Labels X because the friggin Finder doesn't support it. Of course this is why you get Path Finder :) at least the implementation of colored labels are in OS X. if you are unfamiliar with the concept behind Labels let me explain. In the Mac OS you can put a colored "label" on a folder, just an overlay of a color on a folder for organizational purposes. you can even use Labels in AppleScripts. Labels are heavily used in Retrospect, and other Mac applications. since I have grown up using the Mac, I have grown very accustom to using these colored folders for my daily use. Windows XP has no such function. the only color coding is of compressed and encrypted files (blue and green) and this is only the file name, not the icon. now lets look at Rainbow Folders. Special thanks to Jake (check out his blog) for bringing this utility to my attention. Rainbow Folders does not overlay a color over an icon, it does replace it. but it takes a lot more to replace an icon in Windows than it is in the Mac OS. Rainbow Folders allows you to choose the color and brightness of the folder. then it allows you to choose from XP or 98 style folder icons. this is exactly what I need. some people do not understand the coloring of folders. but those who do will understand why I am so estatic about being able to color folders in Windows. I have some suggestions for the developer that I hope he can implement. this is a utility you should download and try out even if you have never used colored folders to organize your data. it is Postcardware, hell with that I will send him money, it is more than worth it. btw, if you wonder why I plug Path Finder so much is because I am an avid user of it, and help out with the development. I don't write any code for it, although I have found Cocoa programming to be rather easy, I just supply graphics and the occasional feature suggestion. I also beta test. Path Finder 2.1 has been through its beta tests, and is finished, it has an amazing amount of new features. the most impressed thing I have found recently is it mounts Toast disc images, as well as Apple Disc Copy disk images, and does it really fast. it also unstuffs .sit files faster than Stuffit Expander. I tested this out and its faster. oh and Path Finder is about twice as fast as the Finder on both an older G3 and a brand spankin new G4. ok done with the publicity. just go download it (direct link).

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