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i installed the Real One player because i wanted to watch all the Super Bowl Players (the WMP 9 ones were only clips of the full commercials, Real had them in full, dont know why you would only put up clips, but then its WiMP :P

well every so often, once a week or so i get this *great* little popup that is the Real One Message Center i find out. after looking through all the menus in Real One, i find under View i can change the Message Center options, great i think, but only for a split second. i have 3 choices: Once or more times per day, Once or twice a week, and Once or twice a month. there is no TURN THIS ANNOYING THING OFF option, MORONS!

the only way i see how to stop this nonsense is to block it at the firewall, wich is something i should not have to do. i am glad i use Zone Alarm Pro because it is very easy to block things like the RealNetworks Event Launcher and its nice it is a seperate entity from RealOne, so i can still watch remote RM content.

let me say that again this is something i should not have to do.

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Real went from defaulting all options to enabled and hiding them to now not allowing them to be disabled except by force.

Great Product, Pathetic Ethics

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