RealOne player annoyance

This is an update to one of my earlier posts.

i found a few solutions to this problem after posting to the Forums about my problem. some pople responded to trash Real and use a different player that will play RM content. well thats one solution. then a member told me to rename a file in an obscure folder:

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Real\Update_OB

he was correct about the folder, but not the file names. well i experimented and found that renaming realevent.exe and realsched.exe. i just made them .old files. RealOne still works, can get to remote RM content, and the Message Center is broken, AWW SHUCKS!

i also found a preference for the messages, go to Tools > Preferences > Automated Services. if you go to View > Message Center > Options > Display Preferences you cannot uncheck things, only select a different frequency for the messages. in the Automated Services section of the Preferences window you can uncheck "Periodicly check for new messages"

i personally would rather break it by renaming the .exe files to .old, as there would be no way i could get some stupid request to or from REAL. changing preferences might stop those buggers from showing up, breaking it however, is always gonna work :p

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