So it has been a month...

It has been a full month with my new PC. Well I do not need my 30 day money back guarantee from Alienware. I love this computer. it was money well spent, and i am very glad i spent it on a PC. it is soo fast. in the past month I have been able to test my computer over many different software applications and it just screams - although it should right? There are some pissed of Mac users calling me a traitor, or a switcher. how about a switch hitter? I am ambidexterities after all :p well i could care less what others think. maybe it is because i am used to using multiple operating systems, or maybe its because im a geek, but this PC is as easy to use for work and play (well better for play :) than my TiBook G4. some interface differences aside I have had no workflow problems in XP. A few thoughts after 1 month: * i only had minor problems "out of the box" * managing fonts is not a problem. i have been able to convert all the fonts i cannot find PC versions for with no problems at all. * learning about Rainbow Folders was a big help. I have my folders colored the way i am used to working now. * I have always been very pleased with the speed of web browsing on Windows, and its even faster in Phoenix than in Internet Exploder. * I very much like Dreamweaver MX on Windows XP compared to the Mac OS version. * I have yet to (knock on wood) had anything stump me so much that it prohibited me from getting work done. * I also have some good friends who answer my obscure Windows questions :p Thanks for that! * I have had no problems at all transfering files back and forth between my TiBook and my PC

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heh, dont listen to them... they're just mad becuase someone is looking outside the "clan" and seeing another world out there... mad becuase there have been more and more people "switching" to PCs lately.

dont get sucked in... and dont let them get to you. :)

Oh i dont let it get me me - i feed off of it - meancode

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