So why buy a Mac?

I have read many many benchmark tests between Apple, Intel, and AMD. the latest of which is in this months Maximum PC Mag. another one recently is one on digital photography which is a good read. all these benchmark tests have similar chimes. "the Mac lagged behind in the Quake III fps test compaired to the P4" well frankly 135 fps (quoting the dual G4 proc tests in Maximum PC) is enough for me, and whoopi for that 290 fps on a dual Xeon. but people don't buy a Mac for videogames. people buy PC's for video games. if you are a hard core gamer, you get a PC, as it has the most titles and you don't have to wait 6 months or more for a port to the Mac. ill say that again, people do not buy a Mac for gaming. yet no one, not one article I have read online or printed understands this.

I cannot count the amount of Windows and Linux users I have given mac advice to because they just bought an iBook, PowerBook, iMac etc, etc. why did they buy a Mac? is it because they are "cool"? could be. they bought a Mac because of the user experience. they bought it for the software, for Mac OS X. by software I do not mean the mac version of #variable# software. by software I mean iTunes, iMovie, iDVD, iPhoto, iCal, iSync, Safari, Keynote, Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro, etc, etc. the software that is NOT available on Windows. and my Mac OS X I mean, well Mac OS X. I think NeXT was the best company to take over Apple, and Mac OS X has sure turned a lot of PC users heads. the Switch ads actually work because they show normal (or well semi normal) people that bought a Mac for the user experience. I did not buy my PowerBook G4 for its speed. I bought it for the user experience.

the tests done my Maximum PC in this latest round of "Mac vs. PC" benchmarks show off the speed of an intel Xeon, and and AMD Athlon against a dual 1.25 Ghz G4. this Maximum PC test was the first I have read that actually addressed the bus speed. I have not seen any others that talk about the bus speed of the G4. its 167 Mhz. Intel's FSB is 533 Mhz, and AMD runs at only 266 Mhz. why don't people "get it" that that 167 Mhz pipeline isn't as big as the 533 Mhz pipeline? and that the DDR333 that Apple puts in it's boxes is a total waste because of the slower bus? yep everyone is pitting a G4 up against a P4.

people buy PCs for the speed. you buy a Mac for the user experience.

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You buy a mac for stability, good looks, ease of use, and of course the all round coolness ^_^

Personally I can't wait until I get one (Should be within the next 2/3 months) and I can finally ditch my PC for good.

sounds cool, glad to hear it! and yes i agree, Apple does have the ease of use thing down - meancode


heya meanie,

well, i dont think the people buy PCs just for the speed. This is a great reason (why would companies keep making machines faster??) but there are others too. I couldn't run HALF the software I run (you know what i'm talkin about, meancode... can somebody say Cyborg??;) if i had a mac. Another thing is the hardware. A Wildcat III in a Mac? heh, not anytime soon.

So yes, i'd say THESE are the 3 major reasons why people get PCs: 1-speed, 2-software 3-hardware. And in my opinion, these are the REAL important things. The ease of use thing? Yes, thats important to. But is XP really that confusing? Are there millions who have no idea how to get around it? Boy, i would sure rather NOT have all my programs in a menu that says "Programs" (Windows) ...and much more like it if i had to open the hard drive icon and search around for apps when i wanted to open them (OSX). [

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