Standard keyboard shortcuts??

It is VERY rare that a Mac OS application does not have 100% standard keyboard shortcuts. an irritating thing I find in the world of Windows is command (control) + Q is not in a lot of apps, not even in M$ apps. wtf, over? I mean, when I want to quit (or Exit, as Windows calls it) an application, I hit command+Q - its that simple. I don't use the mouse for such tasks. i'm a keyboard shortcut lovin' geek. and NOT all Windows apps adhere to the ALT+F4. most do but some just close window by window until there is only one left, THEN it will quit. and frankly the keystroke ALT+F4 is a bit akward compaired to the relatively natural command/control+Q. yea, this is something I will just have to get used to. or I might install some macro software like QuicKeys and make a universal control+Q. although I have not been motivated myself to do that yet.

and yes i am just bitching about control+Q, the rest work fine, ,i just expected control+Q to work like it does on the Mac.

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To quit an application, simply use Alt+F->X

Mnemonics (underlined keyboard shortcuts) are your friends, learn to use them. But first you should turn them on full time: In the Display properties, under Effects, uncheck "Hide keyboard navigation..."

Happy keyboarding :-)


so THATS what those are called! thanks, i was wondering were to turn them on full time so they didnt only show up when i hit ALT. and yes, i am learning to like them a lot - meancode

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