The Learning Curve

i have had my PC for a little over a week now, and have not run into any major snafus. i even managed to tinker with the Registry a little bit ;) i now see why Apple has been getting a lot of good press with their Switch campaign - they are bringing to light a lot of frustrations users have with Windows. and showing off the Apple ease of use.

Windows has a steaper learning curve, it hides a lot of things that even a novice user would want to use on a daily basis. the default settings for Explorer (Folder Options mainly) do not prevent the most user friendly UI. you have to turn on a bunch of stuff - and in some cases i have noticed in Windows you turn something "off" to turn the feature "on" this is very inconsistant and to be frank, its confusing. i imagined there would be substantial differences between the default settings in the Home, and Proffesional versions of XP, but they are both hiding a lot of information from the user. this is why i say that Windows has a steaper learning curve, you have to hunt for things, the UI is not put together in a clean manor, there is little consistancy.

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