Thinkin about a new web host

I have for 2 or so years now used Tera-Byte for my web hosting. And I am very pleased with them. Their service is much more than I expected from a web hosting company. The price for the features is unbelievable. I get their 4U plan because I can pay monthly, but mainly because I get shell access. There are not many hosting companies that give shell access. It sure is nice when I want to ssh into the server do so something. Sometimes I want to edit a .htaccess or create a .htpasswd file. Or open up and edit a document on the server. This proves to be very handy indeed. So why am I looking for a new web host?

we always want more than we currently have. With MT you can use a perl module called Image::Magick which will resize files and make thumbnails for you. Tera-Byte tells me that I would have to upgrade my account to a dedicated server as this takes too much processing power to do. I would also like subdomains and Tera-Byte does not provide this. I am having a hell of a time finding a hosting company that can beat the price and features I have from Tera-Byte though.

So if you have a suggestion, please post it. If you have used the service before tell me why you like it. The only one I have found so far that I would consider switching to is Feature Price. I could host both my domains (both of them, and still host 2 more) there for $17 a month. They have the perl modules I want to use, and they support subdomains. They have no shell access though. Has anyone used Feature Price? my friend Brian uses Feature Price and he is fairly satisfied with it. I just got off the phone with Feature Price and they are going to offer shell access soon, although he could not give me a price. Well any other suggestions?

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