Windows Explorer Part 1

i was not going into this Windows world thinking it would be as easy to use as Mac OS X, but i am a little estonished at some of the things you have to turn on, or off, to put information in front of your face.

Display Simple Folder View in Explorer's Folder List - how is it "simpler" to NOT have connected lines telling you what level of hierarchy is connecting the directories?

Display the Full Path in the address/title bar - why in the world would i want to know were on my hard drive i am? so i am in a folder called "Downloads" um, i have many "Downloads" folders. i like to know were/i/am/in/the/hard/drive. of course turning these options on does nothing with the Save Dialogs, it could at least put the path in that title bar as well.

Hide Extentions of known file types - even Apple is starting to do this in OS X, and it is very annoying. the Mac OS used to rely on meta data for opening files, so you could tall a photoshop file photo.doc and it would still open in photoshop. i am sad to see Apple going away from this to tell you the truth. Windows has always relyed on file extentions to determine the application a document belongs to. i dont care how novice a user you are, knowing it is a .doc file or a .whatever document is information you need to know. and what if i want to change the file extention when extentions are hidden? it is not even possable in the file's Rename command.

Remember each folders view settings - i find out that this data, your folder settings options, is saved in the Registry, and only remembers about 30 recently used folders. hourse pucky! why is it saved in the Registry (well i have a lot of questions about the things saved in the Registry, but folder options is really wacky) in Mac OS X the folder options are saved in a hidden filed called .DS_Store and one of those files lives inside all folders. it remembers your settings, it ALWAYS remembers your settings (if you have read/write privs to it).

there is some stuff in Folder Options to hide system folders and hidden files wich is nice to be able to run on/off in a as needed basis. Part 2 i will discuess what i like and do not like about the Explorer GUI.

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