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In Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X, it seems if i have many browser windows open or a few browser windows open and then try to view a flash page, i get an out of memory error (in IE 5). the G4 at work has 512 MB RAM in it, and i have given IE PLENTY of RAM (i work in OS 9 at work because of FileMaker Pro, more on this when i post about FileMaker Pro) it might be 5 or 6 or 7 windows, and then i try to go somewhere else and i get an out of memory error. it doesnt matter if its OS 9 or OS X, happens no more or no less in either 9 or X. i do not get this problem in IE for Windows. i have TRYED to get this problem to show up in IE for Windows. i have loaded different flash sites, sites that have embedded QuickTime movies, embedded Java applets (after i actually installed Java, thankyouverymuch M$) still the pages load and play just fine. i can sorta blame memory management on OS 9 but not on OS X. so it is the Mac version of IE to blame. as with Mac Mozilla, Netscape, Chimera, Safari, OmniWeb (did i miss any?) dont seem to have this "not enough memory" problem. the Mac products are good, but they are not as great as the Windows versions. and i am seeing this in a totally different perspective now that i am using Windows every day, and using the Windows versions of the Mac apps i have been using for years and years. and it really is a difference. the Windows versions of M$ products are better. and why shouldn't they be right? after all Windows is made by M$ as well. its just i am now seeing how MUCH more of a difference there is between the Mac and Windows versions of M$ software. it kinda blows the entire "well the MacBU is catching up to the Windows versions" matra that all the reviews spout about. well no, not really, not when you actually use the Windows version of IE, or Office, or Outlook for a while. but everything is relative. and i am just realizing how much nicer M$ software is running on Windows than on the Mac OS.

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That's because the software is made by MicroSquish and is made to run not as efficiently on a Mac OS than on a Windoz OS. So you then don't enjoy the software as you would if you had a Windoz machine. Then down the line you start to think... "Maybe I should switch?"

There is logic to their madness.

Agreed gonaads, I shouldn't imagine a port of most Mac apps to the x86 platform would be as good as they are running on a nice G4 :)

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