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This is really annoying to me. Whenever Windows apps crash you get a "would you like to send an error report to M$" dialog. more times than not the application has crashed because I killed it in Task Manager (knock on wood) and I know why it crashed - I did it. this is how I fixed this. # go to the advanced tab of the System Control Panel # click the Error Reporting button at the bottom # there are a lot of configs you can choose, I just turned it off completely, leaving "but notify me when critical errors occur" checked. i must add that this is a very nice feature of XP to be able to get application spacific on error reporting.

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Yeah, you did it exactly right (turning it off, that is). In fact, this is a VERY flexible and powerful option in XP, becuase, as i'm sure you noticed, you can SPECIFY exactly WHICH programs you want error reporting on, in addition to turning on/off the OS's error reporting.


yes this is very powerful and a very nice feature of XP to be able to choose the proggies you want to put on a leash - meancode

I Don't think that error reporting should be disabled.
Windows (unlike mac os) has to run on litteraly millions of different hardware setups, and of course, this will lead to conflict meaning there will be errors (obviously, this isn't the only reason there are chrashes under windows) but if everyone submitted a bug report to Microsoft then surely it would help iron out the bugs.
The Open source community have the right idea, getting bugs squashed within hours of them being discovered.

(excuse any typo's, haven't had my morning coffee yet :) )

SPeedY_B - I have serious doubts that the crash reorts that are sent to M$ are used. i am sure they are cataloged into a database. i just do not think they get any use. and when it is more times than not me killing an app for not responding, it is a pain for me to have to click "Don't Send" every time. btw, it is interesting to note that the "Dont Send" button is set to be the default for the dialog. tells ya something if ya ask me, M$ knows people dont want to send them.


No, Ken... its the default becuase its easier to cancel them that way. But I admire your trying to psychoanylize the "mind" of an entire company.

mkay, that was my point, thank you for reinforcing it. it is the default so people can just hit return or enter and be done with it - meancode

Thats the great thing, you can have it on or off, its up to you. You can send what you want, or not. :)

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