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Well not full on anyway. my PS2, Game Cube and Xbox are still sitting dormant as you can see. I have been playing my GBA though. i cannot wait till the GBA SP comes out at the end of the month! I got my GBA from Japan when it shipped over there, and was about to get the GBA SP from Japan as it is already out there, but I didnt feel like paying $140 for a $100 product this time arround. having a light will rock though. One thing that is great about the GBA is the prices of the games! they cost $30 for new games. So i can get 2 for just a little over when i used to buy ONE PS2 game for. I have picked up Yoshi's Island, Sonic Advance & Sonic Advance 2 in the last two weeks. Yoshi is as fun to play now as it was all those years ago on the SNES. And Sonic on the GBA is a Good Thing(tm) for sure. Playing Sonic on the GBA brings back memories of Sonic on the Game Gear. Yep so i am still a game nut, just a downsized one. I dont think i will be selling my consoles because i am sure some day i will get the urge to finish Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Splinter Cell, or Metroid Prime... but not now. i have Sonic and Mario on the same portable ;-D

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