Blue Collar Comedy Tour

this past weekend, march 1st, I went and saw the Blue Collar Comedy Tour at the Stranahan Theater in Toledo. It was a blast. Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, Ron White and Larry "The Cable Guy" all shared the stage. Ron White and Larry had short sets first. Then Bill Engvall had a long set, and Jeff Foxworthy has a long set. After that the 4 of them all came out and sat down and yuked it up some more. Bill Engvall did his "Here's your sign" and Jeff Foxworthy did "you might be a redneck if" at the very end - which was great because that gave them more time during their full set for other material.

We had nose bleed seats. Last seat last row on the top balcony. But that was all right. It was funny just the same. It was 2.5 hrs. long too! man it was a good show. And 4 comedians for $26 aint a bad price at all. My favorite set was Bill Engvall He seamed to have more new content then Jeff Foxworthy. The two lesser known comedians, Ron White and Larry the Cable Guy had some real good jokes too, their time on stage was just as funny. It was a great show! Warner Bros. is making a movie about it, I imagine it will have almost all of the good jokes in the movie, and there is a CD out as well. But the live show was definitely worth seeing.

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I just bought the latest Blue Collar Comedy DVD and was dissappointed with the quality. I'm wondering did I just get a flawed DVD or did anyone else notice that it was very hard to hear and understand them? Comments appreciated, Thanks.

I think the video quality is crap. I had no problems with the audio quality at all.

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