Everything is back to normal

OK everything is setup. MT 2.63, Textile, and SmartyPants plugins are working. I fixed all the broken images. so back to posting and normal updates. Moving everything over to a new site was not too bad. I have a lot of Index Templates and Template Modules in MT, but once I got all those added everything worked. I wanted my uploaded images to be in their own directory, that is why I had to fix all of those links. but now they are in a directory of their own. I also figured out I needed to edit the upload.tmpl file so the file upload form would automatically have the full path - saving me a lot of time from typing it in all the time :-P

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yay, thats the BW i recognise :)

heh, thanks. it was down all day yesterday, little problem with the host's datacenter, but ill have some stuff up tonite!

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