Finding a new home

I was going to write this yesterday, but the site was down all day. It seems my new web host is having issues with their backbone - not something a brand new customer wants to hear in the least. Yesterday evening things were explained and I was compensated for the down time through PayPal - I think more for the fact that they want to keep a new customer more than anything. All in all I am impressed with InfoBeen. they have support over AIM that is online most of the time. One of their techs called me to go over how to use the WebHost Manager (WHM) because I now have a reseller account. Transfering the my domain names would have gone faster had my ISP not cached the sites. Other people could see my sites with nothing on them, yet I was still seeing my sites still being hosted on my old host, Tera-Byte. Oh well minor details. I found out about InfoBeen and a slew of other web hosts from my buddy Jake (who has btw finally put to use an excellent domain name - check it out) told me about a very good board WebHostingTalk. I posted in the Web Hosting Requests forum and in no time at all I got 10 different hosts offering me hosting plans. in AIM I was talking to 7 or 8 people at once and they were all going back and forth on what they would offer, adding features, etc. it was a small war! InfoBeen was the cheapest reseller package, and offered the features I want. There were some really good and even cheaper packages I passed up too. InfoBeen set my up with a custom package at a really good price. I just hope their support, service and uptime is that of what I came to expect from Tera-Byte. So just like Jake recommended the board to me, I recommend that board to anyone looking for a host or looking to talk about web hosting. Now I just have to get something up on :-D

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