I added smilies!

Well I added the code to the comments templates and its not working yet. so I will see what is wrong :sad: So it does not work yet. :-D - Smile
:-P - Tounge
:=D - Big Grin
:-/ - Confused
:mad: - Mad
:sad: - Sad
:-O - Wow
;-D - Wink

They might look familiar to you if you know board software. I will have to come up with some unique ones later. I just installed Brad Choate's Regex plug. smilies are just the beginning of possibilities with the regex plugin. very cool stuff indeed. I will have to get around to adding them in the Comments form. so for now you all don't know how to use them, ha ha :-P I have been up WAY to late mucking around with this stuff, so I will add that later.

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