I'm Back!!!!!

Well that was not that painfull. only offline for a day and a half. i will import all the posts and get the templates back to working order this evening. i am very impressed with my new web host InfoBeen.

well after a couple hours setting up all the templates and all the template modules i use, i believe everything is here. all posts and comments are accounted for. one thing that is NOT is the images i have uploaded. screenshots etc, etc. ill fix them up tomarrow er something. you will just get a fun 404 page if you try and look at one of them.

oh and if its still broke, its still broke.

i have a bunch of stuff i want to post about, kinda sitting in a mental queue (now that is scary) but man i am just tired. i will post em later. this moving web hosts is really a lot of work! oh since talking about them - ahh ill post that later.

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