Logitech Wireless Optical Mouse

This is a small update to my previous review of this mouse and keyboard combo. I just today had to replace the batteries in the mouse. I got a dialog telling me. and sure enough I looked at the battery meter in the control panel and it was pretty low. that is well over one month of constant use. so I am pretty impressed with the battery. they keyboard battery meter still is high, so I guess that doesn't drain as quickly. even after successfully reconnecting the mouse to the wireless base I had to reboot a number of times. the mouse worked on the logon screen but then did not once everything was loaded up. this has happened occasionally since i've had it, but not like this. I don't know if rebooting was the right thing to do, but it finally is working.

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a month?! damn, good going,
I'm still content with wires for the time being :P


Hey mc,

i'm lovin' my Logitect cordless optical. just to let you know, you may even get MORE battery life out of your opti if you use a light surface. Two sheets of printer paper are my mousepad, and it works fine.

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