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Well there are a lot of site related things so I will just throw them all together in this post. My new web host was down AGAIN today. that is twice in two weeks. they are about to be less one customer. that's two strikes, I give them three and they are history. the server admin gave me the ability to restart apache today, if the need ever arises. So I give him props for that. but i'm not that happy this site (and my business site) has been down from 9:30 AM to 6 PM. Mobile Edition Thanks to Dive Into Mark and his great article on creating a mobile edition including MT templates to do so, I now have a Mobile Edition myself. I have been meaning to put this together, but have not had time to put the MT code together. but why reinvent the wheel when others have already done the hard work :-D If you do not know Mark Pilgrim is the author of a *very good* resource called Dive Into Accessibility. I could not have made the Mobile Edition without the help of another one of Brad Choate's fabulous MT plugins called MT Macros. I also could not do the Smiles whithout MT Macros and/or MT Regex ;-D In the next couple days I will put together a page explaining the syndication options available; how to use the RSS feed and the Mobile Edition, as well as applications you can use. For example how to setup AvantoGo or Plucker to get the Mobile edition of Breaking Windows. I will also mention some of the better RSS feed readers I have come across and which ones I prefer. Recent Articles Over on the right had side you will notice a new section called RECENT ARTICLES. This is an enhanced version from the previous incarnation. I showed my buddy Brian the MT code needed and he did all the javascript for it. its really nice. Now you select the category and it shows the last 10 posts in that category - not just the last 10 posts on the site. its pretty slick it is using MT code to generate the arrays in the javascript. All credit goes to Brian, I just showed him the MT tags and came up with the idea. Thanks Brian! Missing Images The missing images have been found - well most of them. There are some that I will either have to remake or just ditch all together. I found them in an archive on my old host, a day before they dumped my old account :-P I will have to upload them all again. so it will be a couple days till they are back up completely. Error Pages I added fancy looking error pages for errors 400. 401, 403, 404 and 500. I was going to go the funny error messages, but then just decided to go with some (somewhat) useful information. So now you will not get an ugly white (or red) error page. and it will even have navigation on it, go figure! Monthly Navigation I added chevrons next to the month in the calendar at the upper right. this will allow you to move back and forth between the months as well as jump to the days in any month. this is some pretty slick code I found on The Girlie Matters' Tips & Tricks site. Her site rocks BTW. I will be adding more little tweaks here and there to the templates when I have time to work on the site. you will just notice them show up. Whew that was a lot. OK done for now.

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