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Whenever the powers that be let me put up the RSS feed for the BG News site I have also created a MacReporter plugin. MacReporter is an application that was out long before NetNewsWire and I actually like it better. it is shareware tho, it is not free like NetNewsWire is. reason being MacReporter is a is a dockling so you don't have to bring it to the foreground to rifle threw headlines with. With the public beta of MacReporter Forge I created a plugin for the BG News site so that anyone else that uses MacReporter wants to get headlines for the BG News site through MacReporter they can. OK, so I basically made it for myself ;p and I am going to make it available to anyone who wants it. that is when it is OK'd to post the RSS feed. A small note about MacReporter Forge. it will only parse RSS not RDF. RDF is the "new" standard for RSS files. I had to contact the developer, but he was very quick to send me an RSS plugin for Forge that would allow me to make a ratify plugging.

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