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I am sure glad I have a Mac and Entourage. Periodicly I send out emails to the University's Seniors about the KEY Yearbook (If any BGSU Seniors are reading this, it is my job, I just do what i am told to do :-P) . In Outlook there is no way to add multiple email addresses, you must do it one at a time. Outook also does not allow you to put more than X amount of charectors in the TO or CC or BCC fields. I get the list of Seniors from the Bursar's Office in an Excel file. With Entourage I can copy the column of email addresses from Excel and paste them into a new group email entry in Entourage. I am basicly pasting tab deliminated addresses, as that is what is copied out of Excel. I just find this odd that you cannot do this in Outlook XP. Outlook makes you add these addresses one by one. There is no way to, as far as I can tell, add multiple email addresses at once.


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My idea would be to copy and paste the address into a word doc and do a find/replace on tab or space and replace with a ; then copy and paste that into outlook to field. if there are too many for the to field add it to the cc field.

About my last comment... I tried it and it didn't work they way I thought. So I just highlighted the fields in the exl sheet and copy and pasted them to the to field in the outlook email and it worked fine, it even added the ; for me.

The list is 2000+ names in it. Outlook XP beeps when it gets through only part of those.

I did try a find and replace in DW, finding the tabs and replacing them with a comma and a space. but when i pasted that into Outlook i got the same, doesnt work.

Im just saying that i would have thought that if the Mac version of Outlook can do something, then the Windows version could do it as well.

I dont use outlook myself, but can't you use the address book and set "groups" of people to send to?
which essentially is a single contact that has the 2000 mail addresses..
I'm sure you could get excel to save as txt and import it into your address book, or something along those lines :-D

You can import excel spread sheets into your address book. Here's the trick in Outlook: Setup another, alternate Contacts folder, import all the stuff from excel into that address book, and then when you create the message, his the "BCC" button next to the BCC field, ctrl-a to get all the e-mail addresses, hit the BCC button to copy 'em all over. But you should just be able to copy/paste the address list, spaces or semi-colons, right into the BCC field, as I've done that with 300+ e-mails and had no problems. Obviously, that ain't 2K, but it's still quite a bit (and I've got a weenie computer compared to yours).

I've heard of people doing mail-merge stuff from MS Word that bypasses Outlook's stuff. I don't know the exact details, but I think you could make it more personalized that way, too.

Or just avoid Outlook for bulk-mailing, as it's a pain to use for such a thing, and get a simple tool that you use for just such a thing that can just read the text file.

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