My TiBook Died (Updated)

UPDATED - 03-17-03 I posted to the Macworld and the MacOSXHints board, and got basically the same answer from two people. happens to be two board members I know as well, both from the MacOSXHints board - small world. they tell me it is a kernel panic. well the last time I saw one of those the screen went all wacky with white text with a black background all over the nice perdy Aqua stuffs. I guess I am behind on the times as to kernel panics, huh. well that's a good thing, I have not seen a kernel panic since sometime in 10.1. They both also said don't upgrade everything at once, well I didn't, people don't read anymore ya know? that IS a good way to screw up a system, Mac or PC. it is too late now to fsck the drive, I already have a clean 10.2 install on it. that was another thing that was suggested. although I don't know if booting into single user mode would have helped.
Well this is not fun. my TiBook is not booting up :mad: I have spent many years breaking macs and I have never seen this message, but then this might be a standard message after you update to 10.2.4, idunno. I figured it was safe by now to update to 10.2.4. I opened software update and I had a slew of updates, Keynote, Java 1.4.1, iSync, iMovie, Safari, etc, etc. Well I updated all of them then started 10.2.4. went to Meijer to get food n stuff, and I came back to that lovely error message. so I had to snap a shot of it. the message says to hold down my power button for several seconds. so I did and it shut down. I restart it. and nothing, it stays at that gray screen with the gray apple logo and the swirly thingie. well this is why I have a partition that has OS 9 on it. i'm booted off of that right now, and I am going to just do a clean install of 10.2. I don't mind, I have done clean installs upon clean installs of OS X so many times it doesn't bother me. not that it needs a clean install, I mean I just put a clean install on it when 10.2 shipped. minor details. like I said I don't mind it. I have all my important documents backed up anyway :=D this is the one thing that I am most worried about with my new PC. what if XP gets hosed, I have NEVER done a reinstall of Windows let alone XP. ahh I am sure that time will come to pass but hopefully, knock on wood, not in the near future. i'm not too distraught about this though, as i'm not doing much on my TiBook these days. I use it mainly as a backup device, and to play my mp3's. I also do a lot of web site testing on it, test my corss platform FileMaker invoicing system, and test and make cross platform Director cds. but all in all I have moved completely to using my PC for work. WinAmp is a nice app, but it does not hold a candle to iTunes. and the internet radio stations of WMP might be plenty, but most are slow and drop out. there are a lot of 128k feeds in iTunes that are very good, and don't drop quite as often. my TiBook is so slow in comparison to my PC now that it is frustrating to try and do work in photoshop, dreamweaver etc.

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Windows re-installs are fun :-P
I normally end up formatting and re-installing around every 3 months, just make sure everythings backed up and it'll be fine :-D

btw, you don't appear to be the only person receiving the 'please restart' error after a 10.2.4 upgrade.
Also some people seem to think that it's associated with firewire devices..


Windows installs are insanely easy. especially with XP.

Basically, all you have to do is boot with the CD in there. The setup starts automatically, and then just follow the on-screen instructions. It even formats and partitions your drive for you. No more fdisk or anythign strange or weird. it takes care of everything. incredibly easy and fast.

Many times, reinstalls dont have to be done at all. Some do it more than others to keep their machines running like new.

I like the sounds of that GFX! :=D



I have never done a clean install of my mac, and now Im stuck.

I am currently trying to reinstall 10.2.4 onto my powerbook (12", g4, 256mb, 867mHz cdrw/dvd).

I get to the grey screen with the apple swirly thingy and the question telling me to restart as mentioned in this thread.

I hold down the power button and it shuts down, but I can get no further, just always back to that screen, always with the restart request.

I am totally stuck, and am just going round in circles, is there anyone who can tell me a way to get around it? I have a completely clean hard disk , nothing on it, not a sausage. So I cannot boot into os9 or any other os from it.

Where do I go?

Please help if you can anyone.

Thank you soo much anyone/everyone?


I would get the system restore disc(s) that came with your PowerBook Myles. Give that a try first. Boot from that and do a format and install.

Myles Roberts:

Hi Ken,

Couldnt find any system restore CD, but found the solution: I had subsequently added an airport extreme card, so taking this out then trying to install from the software restore and install cd worked first time. Thanks for your help. No thanks to Apple UK tech support, who have now offshored their operations and have agents who can barely speak english, let alone understand technical issues that I am trying to explain to them.

yes taking out extra hardware would have been my second suggestion. i am glad you got it working! here in the US. I have received very good support from apple. Only a couple times did I think they were morons. I could always understand them too.

Myles Roberts:

Yeah, it just struck me while I was talking to the guy at apple, thanks for your initial help tho. Unfortunately there are tons of companies that are relocating overseas from the UK with regards to their contact centre operations, generally moving them to India. which is fine If I am trying to buy a new tumble drier: "I want a tumble drier", "heres my money" "thanks, goodbye". But not so useful trying to explain the start up apple screen, the swirly apple thingy then the kernel panic. It took the first operator 5 attempts to realise that I could not click on the blue apple to restart because I did not have an operating system installed.

Oh well, the price of living in technologically advanced times I suppose. And at least if I ever needed a job I could go work for Apple India. ;)

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