Networking my Mac Part 1

Part 1 - The explanation of stuffs Last night I setup my TiBook so I can access it from my PC. I could, but am not going to, setup my PC so I can access it from my Mac. Why? Well for one I do not need to, and two, I have turned off the Server service in Windows because I find this makes my firewall work a hell of a lot less because it does not have to block all the pings to my machine, NETBIOS or otherwise. Once I turned off the Server service the amount of requests to my box just dropped through the floor. So I am mainly not networking my Mac and PC both ways for security related. Just for reference in 10.2 all PCs on the network (and in your OS X Workgroup) show up in the Connect To Server dialog. I just have file sharing turned off for XP so I cannot login from my TiBook. Mac OS 10.2 includes Samba which is nice, I had to install it earlier to be able to work with our Workgroup at work before in 10.0 and 10.1. Now the "easy" way to do this is install DAVE. Let me say one thing about DAVE and 10.2. They don't like each other. At least in my experience. DAVE is one thing I cleaned off my system by my recent reinstall of 10.2 Yes, DAVE has a very nice UI and setup to get a Mac on a PC network. and DAVE for OS 9 works very well. I just don't like the OS X version. One thing that is nice about DAVE though: If you use DAVE instead of the built in SMB in 10.2 you get less hidden Macintosh files on your Windows volumes. Mac OS X puts a lot of resource files onto a PC volume when it connects. It can look ugly if you run with hidden files turned on in Windows. Of course if you turn hidden files in OS X on its even uglier still. Also, if it built into the OS, why run DAVE? Mac OS X by default is in the WORKGROUP workgroup. Well I do not like running in that workgroup as that also poses a security risk. You use the Directory Access applications in /Applications/Utilities to change the workgroup your OS X box resides in. You can also change the Workgroup in SharePoints. I also use an excellent piece of OS X freeware called SharePoints because it just makes life easier. It also puts a UI close to OS X Server's share points into OS X Client. It also keeps you out of the very hairy looking Netinfo Manager application, which most people faint at the sight of. Netinfo Manager is one of the most non-Macintosh looking applications but it was the heart of the NeXT OS and is the heart of how OS X works. SInce I have worked with OS X Server a lot I have gotten used to using it, but I still like to do things the easy way, and SharePoints is the way to go. Running a firewall on the Mac and the PC is optional of course, but I run one on both. OS X has a built in firewall. 10.2 has a nice GUI for the standard BSD firewall, ipfw. The OS X firewall UI (in the Sharing panel of System Preferences) is OK but Brian Hill's BrickHouse is a much nicer front end to ipfw. To each his own, use which ever you want. Most people I am sure would prefer to use the one in the System Preferences. For my XP box I am using Zone Alarm Pro as I was not content with the built in firewall of XP. In Part 2 I will go over the process of getting everything working.

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