Rebuilding my TiBook

I have finally had time to work on rebuilding my TiBook. It is not near close to how I had it, but it is up and running and usable again. I figured I would jot down what I have installed on it so far. I performed a clean install on the partition just because I wanted it clean anyway. I had A LOT of shareware and freeware "hacks" installed and those slow down the OS but then they also provide nice functionallity. When I could not reboot after the kernel panic in the middle of the 10.2.4 install (discussed here) I figured it was a sign I had too much crap on the drive, which was probably true. So here is the path to my up and running TiBook. * Install Mac OS 10.2 from CD * Download and install 10.2.4 combined updater * Install all other updates through Software Update * Enable Root user in NetInfo Manager. * Install 10.2 Developer Tools * Install SharePoints 3.0.1 * Install iLife (only iPhoto 2 and iTunes 3) * Install Keynote 1.01 - because its cool! * Install Path Finder 2.1 * Install Super Get Info 1.1 * Install BBEdit 7.03 * Install Cocktail 1.2 * Install FruitMenu 3.0.1 * Install WindowShade X 2.1.2 * Install Silk 1.1 * Install MacReporter 1.1.4 * Install Fire .32c * Install GraphicConverter 4.5.4 * Install Kensington MouseWorks 2.2 * Install Fetch 4.03 * Install DragThing 4.5.2 * Install Script Menu from the AppleScript dir. Copy all my AppleScripts and Shell Scripts to the /Library/Scripts dir. * Install Web Browsers for multi-platform testing (Netscape 7, Mozilla 1.3, OmniWeb 4.1, Chimera .7, Safari) * Install and setup Retrospect to backup my TiBook and my PC * Install Toast Titanium 5.2 Wow thats a lot of stuff, well not really for me. I have a lot more things to install but these are the things I use so often that it just becomes second nature that I install them first thing when I am setting up my Mac. My Dad just showed me Cocktail, and it is a really nice utility for OS X. If anything I am reminded of the investment of Mac OS shareware I have bought over the years. Not to mention the commercial software I have. One nice thing is educational software pricing. Since I am still in college, and I also happen to be an employee of an educational institution, I get great deals on various software such as iLife and Keynote for $15. Another good example is M$ Office for $10. Some shareware becomes free for educational users, and some shareware becomes next to free. Of course I cannot use this for business or get tax deductions for it, but its still a nice break on the ever depleating amount of green stuff in my wallet. The nice thing about having a business is commercial software (and some of the shareware) is tax deductible since I use both my Mac and my PC for Meancode Media :=D

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