Retrospect is setup!

Since I already use Retrospect to backup my files on my Mac there is no reason to install it on my XP box. I just installed the Client on XP and now my TiBook backs up both my Mac files and my PC files to my 10 GB Firewire drive. That's another thing that irks me, no friggin bus powered Firewire in the PC world. it makes life so easy to just plug in the drive where ever I need to. I want to use my 60 GB Firewire drive on my PC (its got my MP3 collection among other things) so I have to get a power supply for the drive. grrr... It didn't come with one because it is a bus powered drive. well thanks to Dad (thanks Dad) he is sending me one of his extra ones saving me $15! While typing this I backup up My Documents, Application Settings and Local Settings. well My Documents is still going, but its going pretty quickly. all I am using is a 10 baseT hub, no router or anything. pretty slick. One less thing to worry about now, all my important WORK files are backed up daily. next on the list of things to get working on my PC is to actually install my printer :-D yes I know I am lazy. its not a high priority as I can print from my Mac just fine :-P Well after doing a spell check the backup is complete in 77 minutes. I am impressed I have never backup up a PC to a Mac before, but it sure beats installing the full Retrospect on the PC. plus this way I can backup both my computers at once to one drive.

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hm.... just curious, what do you mean by this?

"Thatís another thing that irks me, no friggin bus powered Firewire in the PC world."

FW is a powered connection on PCs just like on macs. For instance, to charge an iPod on a mac or PC, just plug it into the computer via firewire. perhaps that drive you are using requires more power than the firewire is spec'd for? (unless, you have FW800 on the mac, while the PC is using older 400. then it would work on the mac, while not the PC).

are you talking about something else?

i have an oxford 911 chipset firewire drive. many places sell this same drive, i got mine from The Mac Smith. if i plug it into a PC it does not mount. i need to plug in a power supply and switch it from "bus powered" to "powered" then i can use it on the PC. and yes it is Firewire 400. i dont know if the fact that it is of the oxford 911 chipset, but this is better than the first ones that shipped.

you bring up a good point about the iPod tho. i personally have never used an iPod on a PC, only on the Macs at work.

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