Sonic Advance 1 & 2 for GBA

UPDATE - 03/22/03 I am really impressed with the level design of Sonic Advance 2. Act 1 Leaf Forest is classic Sonic, but the rest have been quite unique. Hot Crater and Music Plant are nice and different, but Ice Paradise and Sky Canyon are real departure from the standard design (I have not gotten any further). The gravity defying corkscrews are real cool. The levels start getting harder at Ice Paradise which is Zone 4, and Zone 5, Sky Canyon is insane. I have not beat the first act yet. There are a lot of new level design doodads in Sonic 2 that make the game that much better. The one thing that is lacking in Sonic Advance 2 is the originality of the boss design & mechanics. This is a real bummer. Every boss I have come to so far is the same setup: you are on a "treadmill" sorta thing where you are constantly running and trying to catch up to the boss. You wait for the boss to shoot something at you and then you move to the right of the screen and hit him, then quickly get your butt back to the left side of the screen. Rinse, lather, repeat. The boss fights of Sonic Advance 1 had a little more thought and variety. The bosses in Sonic Advance 2 are all quite similar and use this same format.
ORIGINAL - 03/21/03 I am glad SEGA decided to create new games for Sonic's adventures on the GBA. Sonic and Mario are two of my favorite video game franchises because they are of the platformer veriety - my favorite kind of game. The latest platformers I have purchased, are Jack & Daxter and Sly Cooper for the PS2, Mario Sunshine for the Game Cube. I have always prefered a platformer over pretty much any other genre (Other than RPGs). This is one of the reasons I like the GBA, there are a lot of good platformers that have been re-released for it. As well as new platformers like these two Sonic games. Both the Sonic Advance games have high production quality, and include just enough new and classic game play to make it interesting and still nestalgic and true to the blue guy's roots. The new grinding rails in Sonic Advance 2 are something that is not even taken from the Dreamcast Sonic. Sonic Advance 1 has a lot of the standard levels expected in a Sonic adventure. And boy does it bring back memories. You get all the characters at the start of Sonic Advance 1: Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, and Amy Rose. They all make the pace of the game different. My favorite is Knuckles as he can climb, and the hardest way to get through the game, and slowest as well is using Amy Rose, she cannot turn into a ball to hit enemies or to get around the levels. She is annoying, but its a different way to play the game all together. I have gotten to Act 5 with Sonic and I am impressed with the size of the levels. They did not skimp on the size of each act. They sure are big enough! The overall game seems to be a faster pace then sonic on the Genesis. But depending on which character you chose it can be a really slow game (using Amy Rose). The levels are unique to Sonic Advance but seem very inspired by the classic Sonic games (which is a good thing). I have not gotten very far in Sonic Advance 2, but the graphics are just as nice as Sonic Advance 1. The effects are a little flashier, and the levels are a little more diverse. You are not able to use all the character at the beginning of the game. You get a new character, "Cream" at the end of act 1. She can fly across short distances like Tailes can, and she also has this little doll thingie she can use as a sort of projectile weapon. She makes the boss fights a sinch. Sonic Advance 2 is harder, which I am glad of. I have yet to get any Chaos Emeralds so I will be going back to get those. I was never one for the Chaos Garden and taking care of a "Virtual Pet" so that features doesn't matter to me. Time Attack is always fun, and I cant wait to find someone else with a GBA to play multiplayer as both Sonic Advance 1 and 2 support multiplayer with just one cartridge. I am glad I bought both games, they are both very well put together, fun, addicting good old Sonic style platforming. Now if Nintendo would just create an original Mario for the GBA... but that might be asking too much for now. Maybe Super Mario Advance 4 will be an original game.

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In X-ZONE: First two fights, know your classics. Next and finally, avoid pain as much as you can and hit DR. EGGMAN when he's visible. :-D :=D :-P ;-D :-/ :-O

antonio calixto:

i have sonic advance 1 and i try to get rid of my chao so i can get an new one, here are things im doing:1. no feeding, 2. no petting, pulling grass and 4. waking chao up when he goes to sleep. if been doing this for some time now but he hasn't left yet, whay else should i do?:-(

Two words: Forums. Or IGN, or GameSpot, or 1up, or...

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