The War with Iraq

And I am already getting tired with the news media. They want action and they want it started an hour ago. the News Media are so looking for a huge beat down that they have started blurting out statistics at an insane level. This is rediculous, and I find it a bit funny. It is almost as if the US Military needs coaching! I think they know what and how they want to handle things. But that is just me. The news media did the exact same thing in September 2001, and at the beginning of the Gulf War in 1991. I am all for the media relaying information to the citizens of the US and the World, but I have a real problem when the media start to make guesses and "what ifs." It does not matter if the media has hard evidence or not - they just love to speculate. and when they start doing that they throw out a lot of things that might not need to see the light as it might or might not come to pass. And boy oh boy do they love to repeat and repeat often both images and things that have been said. I am right now listening to the radio and they are using "we have to be careful not to speculate" and then what do they do, they speculate. some very far speculation as well. the media likes to use all the big words, even if they do not understand them. they also seem to ask the same question many many times reminisced of asking mommy and then asking daddy the same question. gotta love the news media

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