Training a Grad Assistant

Busy, busy busy. I have been so busy with work I have not had the time to post anything new. Lately I have been training a technical writing grad student for the newspaper. she is the assistant online editor this semester, so first i had to show her how to put the paper online. Today i showed her how to take screen shots on a Mac and PC (we take screen caps of the info graphics to put them online). I have also been showing her how to use photoshop. next on the bill is basic HTML. over my years here at college i have trained a lot of faculty, staff and grad students, especially when i worked for CTLT. it does not matter if they are an international graduate or not, one thing remains the same. i am in aw how little graduate students know about computers. either the general operating system or major applications. i am not slamming graduate students, i am just saying that my expectations of someone who has been in college for more than 4 years would have a better understanding of either the mac or the pc. i assume they do not know how to use photoshop, but i also assume they do know how to use an operating system, wether that be Mac OS or Windows. my expectations of graduate students is too high. for example I figured a technical writing student would know how to take screen shots on either a mac or a pc. i know i am a geek at this stuff, but i am not a genius at it. i like teaching people how to use computers and software tho, its a lot of fun. teaching the basics of HTML is gonna be a blast since thats my main thing.

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