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I know this is an understatement, but web browsing on the Mac is horridly slow. I am not just now figuring this out, but I did want to make it a point to post something about it. Even Internet Exploder 6 is faster on Windows than any Mac browser. Safari is a sigh of relief, but it has a long way to go until it is ready for prime time. It has a lot of work until it works with all of the standards and uber standards that are on the web these days. I am just getting used to using a PC to browse the web and using a Mac to browse at work is painfully slow and irritating. Why is browsing on the Mac so much slower? I asked this question once on a board and the only somewhat coherent answer I got was that the web was written for Windows so it works faster on that platform. I dont nessesarily agree with that, i just said his post was coherent. So why is web browsing so much faster on a PC? I have used older PCs that are faster than the latest and greatest Mac. Why? This link though lenghy is great! Thanks to Dan Burton for posting it! I have read a lot about TIm Berners-Lee but never about him using a NeXT box.

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"the web was written for Windows"???

Please review your history, the Web was created on NextStep which is now OS X. :-)



I own a 6 month old PC 1.8ghz with WinXP... And My roommate owns a 4 year old G3 350mhz(I think) with OS9.2.

I have connected both on a network. Both share files easily using Miramar's PC MacLan for WinXP. I Could probably share printer as well if I had the patience to read the rest of the manual.

And then, together with that, I use Winroute Pro for WinXP by Kerio to share the internet connection from my computer to the Mac.(Had to install Internet Sharing from the XP CD to WINXP to get Winroute to run properly.)

I had to painstakingly, read the instruction manuals for all of the programs to set it all up.

At the end of the day, I was quite happy to have the WinXP dial up and have the Mac browse the net as fast as on WinXP.

As for IE, its crap for Mac and good for PC...
The Mac here, is having problems refreshing webpages. But on the PC, its fine...

Ive created a new account on XP and made it 'look like' a Mac OS X Jaguar using WinBlinds by StarDock.

And it feels just great. Im currently downloading Netscape to make it complete.

As for the Mac, there hasnt been any problems regarding speed. Just IE's crappy mac version.

I tried Free Mac emulators for PC but the best I could get is a top end 68k Mac emulator which only ran on Win98. I had that working fully. But bought WinXP and just had to throw away any progress on mac emulators.

What Id like to have is a Mac and a PC running on one computer with totally 100% working environment. Games and all. And Virtual PC? no thanks.


P.S. Your site... is a nice place. :-P

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