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I was just going to write on how irritated I am with Backup Utility. But before I did, I asked the folks at - well they told me exactly what I thought in the first place. and all I gotta say is WTF? You cannot use Backup Utility to backup to a CDRW or a DVDRW. This is Windows XP after all, I mean they did license Roxio for OS level CD burning! so why not use that tech to allow Backup Utility to backup to something useful - yes to a CD. I guess I have gotten used to backup/archive apps being able to save data to a CD, why is this such a forign concept for the Windows Backup Utility? Backing up to my HD and then copying that to a CD is hardly an automated process. and I don't call that a backup utility at all. I didn't want to install Retrospect to backup my personal files. but of all the shareware utilities I found for Windows there is nothing that works as nice as Retrospect. Oh well, I was hoping, but figured this would be the case.

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have you tried posting your question elsewhere? like 2cpu or HardOCP?

Hey GFX, no i have not tryed there, but will sence you mention it. i am quite happy with my Retrospect solution though, as i have both computers backed up to one hard drive.

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