American Canidate?

Brian was telling me today of this new reality TV show in the works called American Canidate. Drudge Report and are articles we found. Here is the page of the FX site for American Canidate. At first when Brian was telling me this I thought he was pulling an April Fools's joke on me, but nope. All I have to say is WTF is wrong with you people? All this reality TV stuff is just stupid. But man are they getting raitings like nothing before. I think this is because there is nothing on TV anymore worth watching. There are not many good sitcoms or drama shows like there were 5-10 yrs. ago or so. That is why reality TV is getting such huge ratings. It takes a lot of money and a lot of people behind you to run for US President. With a reality TV show they are taking those two requirements out of the picture. I am sure it will be interesting, as interesting as American Idol, but I wont be watching it. I don't see why people sit and watch reality TV shows. Maybe the reason is to see others fail and make fun of them, or see how people succeed at something. Whatever the reason I am amazed they have stayed on TV so long.

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