Happy April Fools' Day

Ahh what a splendid day! And it is splendid indeed for those who use computers. Its even better when your users (er pray) get a little on edge if something wierd happens to their computer. MUA HA HA HA. I have many years experience with April Fools' pranks on the Mac, but (of all magazines) this April's MacAddict has a couple good ones for the PC users as well. Its a basic prank but switch the left and right mouse button around in the Mouse Control Panel. The other one they mention is BSOD Properties, it would be pretty funny to see a magenta screen of death. That would be a change. Do you know of any other, Mac or PC pranks? Please post them! I think the best prank this year goes to Electronic Gaming Monthly. They had a good one last year, but this years took the cake. They had very detailed instructions on how to unlock the secret topless mode in Dead Or Alive Extreme Beach volleyball for the XBOX. They even had screen shots with little pink stars over the girls nipples. Oh that was so great. I got the May issue a few days ago (don't ask me why they come out so far ahead) and the reader responses were great. The readers were so pissed off! What a riot. Unless you can come up with a better April Fools' the DOAX one takes the cake. Oh and just for good measure if you want to have some fun around the office today check out ComputerPranks.com, it has some wonderfuly fun stuff. Also here is some joke and prank software for Windows :-P I almost forget this link to OS X shell pranks on Mac OS X Hints.

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