Switching Keyboards

I gotta say this switching between a Mac and a PC is getting my typing fingers all messed up. Some things I don't think I will ever get used to for example is the "Delete" key. It is not used at all in the Mac world. The "Backspace" key is used to "delete" all that needs to be deleted on a Mac. I find some Windows programs have it setup so that it is possibile to delete with both the Delete and the Backspace keys. Some Windows programs use them as a forwards delete and a backwards delete. This is an odd type of delete for a Mac User. And I think it is a shame that forward delete is not a usual thing on the Mac. It is available, but it is just a forign key that is never used. It is such a useful little thing really. I also find Windows programs that just will not delete something with the Backspace key. I use the Backspace key only because this is the standard way of deleting everything on the Mac. It is just one thing I will have to train myself to do on the PC, use the Delete key, not the Backspace key! Talking about the Bacspace key, its twice the size it is on the Mac keyboard (and about 1/3 the size larger than the one on my PowerBook) which screws me up if I want to use the + or = sign. This messes me up even more because I go back and forth between my PC, my Mac PowerBook and the Mac Desktops at work. its really driving me bonkers! why can't they ALL just be standard? I'd be perfectly fine with the longer Backspace key, if only it was this way on ALL of the keyboards! standards people, they are your friends (well unless you are M$ of course :-D) All this key miss typing would not be a problem to me a year or more ago. I have just recently come across the art of the touch typist (yay!) and now that I can finally compose entire paragraphs without looking at the keys it makes my keyboard switching even more of a nightmare. I usually don't go by those little nubs on the F and J keys, but I guess I should start to get into the habit of doing so. because I just start typing for an entire sentence and a half and I find I am only one key off or something, that's just when I sit back and laugh.

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